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September 17, 2011

Start of Popkomm 2011 - three days on the inside of the music industry

Berlin, 6 September 2011- In one day, on 7 September, this year’s event for the national and international music scene will kick off. Popkomm runs until 9 September and will be taking place on the grounds of the former airport at Berlin Tempelhof. The focus at Popkomm 2011will be on networking events linking the music industry’s players and music activities and on the search to secure business partnerships.

Under the brand name of the Berlin Music Week, which takes place from 7 to 11 September, Berlin will be showcasing the diversity, energy and creativity of the regional and international music and entertainment industry. That means added value, a bigger appeal and an even better image for Berlin, said Harald Wolf, Senator for Economics, Technology and Women’s Affairs, speaking at the opening press conference of the Berlin Music Week. Taking place under the brand name of the Berlin Music Week, Popkomm is the global industry event where experts will be exchanging first-hand information, doing business and together will be taking a look at forward-looking marketing structures.

Popkomm marketplace in 2011 – focus on B2B/ More than 400 exhibitors from 21 countries

Popkomm stands for trends and innovation and represents a B2B platform connecting all parts of the industry. This year its focus is on the digital  music industry. The Popkomm marketplace in the main hall of the former airport is the meeting place for music pros, organizers, institutions representing the music and creative industries, as well as artists and bands. Overall, more than 400 exhibitors from 21 countries will be gathered at Popkomm 2011. “With our new, innovative event formats, Media_Gate and Networking_Gate, as well as the event’s established mainstays, the showcases, conference and trade fair, Popkomm 2011 is setting the tone for the future more than ever before.“, said Dr.  Ralf G. Kleinhenz, the vice- president of Messe Berlin.

Media_Gate with 15 theme tracks

Popkomm Media_Gate will present the future of digital music consumption and the technology and digital content that goes with it. This is a platform for innovative digital music services where representatives of the industry can present and discuss new digital music entertainment services. Media_Gate’s focus on digitalisation will be reflected by the topics dealt with by numerous panels, keynotes and workshops at Popkomm. This format, which comprises 15 separate theme tracks, targets trade visitors from enterprises representing the creative industries and music sector, as well as investors and technology companies in search of a comprehensive overview of new digital music and entertainment business models who are looking to establish new business contacts. At Media_Gate “presented by Musikmarkt”, 54 international speakers will be holding talks, including leading industry figures such as Ben Drury, CEO of 7 Digital, Andreas Briese (YouTube), Robert Andrä (Vodafone), Ty Roberts (Gracenote), and Jörg Binnenbdrücker, managing director of DuMont Ventures.

Networking_Gate – the opening events are booked up

Impressively high numbers have registered on Popkomm’s innovative Networking_Gate site ahead of the music industry event: 278 participants from 28 countries have already booked 700 appointments, among them 34 companies from Berlin. The aim is to actively help in the search for business partners, in order to offer local and international business partners an opportunity to set up joint ventures, and in the end to secure new markets. Numerous networking events are already booked up. “Our expectations for the launch of the Networking_Gate as a B2B platform have already been fulfilled. The high demand vindicates Popkomm's decision to create additional innovative premium services for trade visitors“, said Popkomm's director Daniel Barkowski. All the networking services are available free of charge to exhibitors, co-exhibitors and trade visitors at Popkomm. The focus is on presentations and information from companies, labels, distributors, concert agents, festivals and bookers. The Networking_Gate, “powered by Berlin Partner“, is supported by the Association of Independent Sound Media Companies (VUT) and the Berlin Music Commission (BMC).

Popkomm conference in 2011

Popkomm 2011 features numerous conference formats for representatives of the national and international music industry, including panel discussions, workshops, keynotes, interviews and interviews on the latest industry topics. There will be numerous international events taking place at Popkomm. On 7 September the Swedish Minister for Foreign Trade Ewa Björling will hold a special keynote at Popkomm. The exhibition section of Popkomm Media_Gate will highlight the entire range of developments within the music industry 2.0. During the Popkomm conference the latest technology products will be on display, including mobile cloud streaming and social media applications.

International industry event

The following countries will be participating with joint presentations in lounges at the former airport: Ireland, Italy, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, USA, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Spain, Argentina, France, Estonia, and India, as well as Australia with a joint Asia/Pacific Lounge. Each of the lounges will feature presentations by an average of 15 to 20 companies. Individual, internationally active companies such as the music distributor HÁRT and Intergroove will also be exhibiting at Popkomm.

Germany will be represented by the Association of Independent Sound Media Companies (VUT), the German Music Publishers’ Association (DMV), and Popakademie Mannheim. All three German industry groups and their exhibiting partners will be represented in close proximity to one another in the entrance hall. Argentina will be participating with a joint presentation in a lounge for the first time. Following their absence last year, France and Spain are exhibiting again this year. Individual representatives from the Netherlands, Poland, UK and Luxembourg are also attending Popkomm.

The co-exhibitors in the various lounges and among the associations and institutions include publishing companies, labels, distributors, agencies, digital companies, agents, organizations, artists and bands. They include such important contributors to the music industry as EMI Sweden, Sony Sweden, IFPI, Warner Chappell Sweden, HACATE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP NORWAY, kdg mediatech AG, Rebeat Digital, Hoanzl, K-tel International (Switzerland) AG, A-Minor Records und Publishing, BELIEVE DIGITAL GMBH, Cargo Records GmbH, ROBA Music Publishing, eMusic, The Orchard, AMV Talpa GmbH, Rolf Budde Musikverlag GmbH and many others.

This year the German performing rights society Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten mbH (GVL) will be exhibiting for the first time at Popkomm. “We consider it our task to inform artists and labels how we represent their rights, on an international scale too”, explained Guido Evers and Tilo Gerlach, the joint chief executives of GVL, which offers its services to those active in the music industry all over the world, and is the largest European organization dedicated to protecting the rights of labels and artists. 

Popkomm Live Showcases with artists from 26 countries

At Popkomm 2011 live concerts, the Popkomm Showcases, are scheduled to take place at five venues on the grounds and in the vicinity of the former airport. At the Popkomm Live Showcases and the Berlin Music Week 115 artists from 26 countries will be performing at venues around the city. The concerts are divided up into afternoon performances, the Popkomm Live Showcases at the international music industry event, and evening concerts at the Berlin Music Week. “Our aim is to showcase a selection of new artists of the highest quality who are about to make a breakthrough, and who will be of interest to important decision-makers and influential members of the media attending Popkomm“, said Paul Cheetham, the Popkomm music manager, ahead of the trade fair.

Opening event of Popkomm

The opening event of Popkomm will be taking place on 7 September 2011, at 10.30 a.m., at the Airbase Restaurant on the grounds of the former airport at Berlin Tempelhof. The speakers will be Ewa Björling, Swedish Minister for Foreign Trade, Hans-Joachim Otto, Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Federal Ministry of Economics, Harald , Senator for Economics, Technology and Women’s Affairs and Mayor of Berlin, as well as Raimund Hosch, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Berlin, and Holger G. Weiss,

Closing event and party at Popkomm: European Music und Media Night (EMMN)

Popkomm will come to an end on 9 September with an official closing event and party organized by the Volkswagen Soundfoundation Music Night, the 5th EMMN, which will be attended by 2,500 guests. Sponsored by Popkomm, this legendary party will take place at E-Werk in the Berlin district of Mitte. The event is being organized by Jörg Hacker, the managing director of Hackermediacompany. Partygoers can dance to an outstanding live music programme, to DJ sets from Miami house legend George Morel and Voodoo und Serano, led by legendary, crossover stars H-Blockx, the Irish newcomer rock band Royseven, rock musicians Punk’d Royal, as well as RundB queen Cassandra Steen, Denmark’s female shooting pop star Aura Dione, and hiphop/RundB artist Emory.

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