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Press Release

September 19, 2011

Popkomm 2011 reveals a changing music business

Popkomm lays the foundations for a generational change to a communication platform encompassing the music and technology industries - Popkomm 2012 from 5 to 7 September


Berlin, 10 September 2010 – This year’s Popkomm clearly showed that the music business is in transition. For this reason the meeting place for the German and international music scene focused on the way that main players in the music sector are networking with digital business. The Swedish Minister of Foreign Trade, Dr. Ewa Björling, who came to Berlin specially to attend Popkomm, stated: “Popkomm is one of the most important events for exports by the Swedish music industry. This is evident in particular by the fact that Sweden has doubled its presence since last year.”

As a vital platform for the music and entertainment industry Popkomm has demonstrated that industry representatives are keener than ever to obtain information and engage in personal discussions, in view of the changes that are taking place. In addition to its core components, the showcases, conference and exhibition, these developments are also reflected by the meetings between experts from home and abroad in the two new formats, Media_Gate and Networking_Gate. Among the companies that attended were such major names as Google, Mufin and restorm.

“Popkomm 2011 laid the foundations for a generational change to a communication platform comprising the music and technology industries. In the conference programme key topics such as mobile, cloud and digital music TV were addressed by the speakers, whose contributions were met with keen interest by their audiences. We intend to broaden the international focus of the Media_Gate programme at the next Popkomm”, stated Dr. Ralf G. Kleinhenz, Vice President Messe Berlin.

The Popkomm Showcase Festival featured 115 artists and bands from 26 countries, twice as many as at last year’s event, performing in and around Berlin’s legendary Tempelhof Airport and also in many of the city’s clubs, as part of the Berlin Music Week. The outstanding programme included new acts from around the world, reflecting the fact that Popkomm is a truly international event. The professionals were delighted with the diversity and quality of the new talent on display at the Popkomm Showcases. Last year Popkomm laid the foundations for the subsequent success of such bands as Haudegen, Kellermensch and Charter, who returned to Popkomm again this week to present their debut album, and all the indications are that this year’s showcases will be followed by similar success.

Appointments were made for more than 700 individual meetings at the Networking_Gate. The speedmeeting sessions, as a platform for presenting countries and their exhibitors, attracted ten national firms and were extremely productive.

The highlight of the MEET Berlin series of events, an all-day industry meeting of the Berlin Music Commission at the Networking_Gate, was provided by the Music Supervisor Sessions I and II with Andrea von Förster and Gary Calamar. These sessions were fully booked in advance and were a resounding success. Each session was used by 15 firms, specially selected by the Berlin Music Commission and the two music supervisors, whose choices included the music for the American film series Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. House and Dexter.

For the second time Popkomm was taking place as part of the Berlin Music Week. Popkomm attracted 400 exhibitors, 65 per cent of them from abroad. Total attendance at Tempelhof during the three days was 5,200 and they came to conduct business, sign contracts, discuss approaches for addressing the challenges facing the industry, and to discover new talent.

Popkomm 2011 comes to a close today, 9 September, with the Volkswagen Soundfoundation’s official closing party, the 5 European Music und Media Night (EMMN), with 2,500 invited guests. 

Popkomm will be taking place for the ninth time from 5 to 7 September 2012 at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport. It is organized by Messe Berlin.

More details are available on the internet at:

Statements by the organizers and exhibitors

Michael Schmid, COO of

After three years with a strong focus on IT, for us Popkomm 2011 was the perfect opportunity to present our extensive music platform to a wider public. One of the consequences of our first place in the VUT comparative study was that our stand at Media_Gate received a large number of visitors and we were able to show many of them how to continue earning good money through music.

Pablo Qadri, Music Promotion Adviser, Department of Promotion for the Export of Audiovisual Products, Foreign Office, Argentina

This is the first time that we have been represented at Popkomm and the results far exceeded our expectations. The objective of the Argentine delegation was to set up business and also for our showcases, featuring Mati Zundel and TREMOR, to lead to the signing of contracts. One the first day of Popkomm alone no fewer than 15 promoters showed keen interest in TREMOR. This was a surprisingly positive result. On average each delegate held 15 meetings each day at the Networking_Gate.  As part of Argentine foreign policy this was an important signal for businesses in the country’s cultural sector.

Renneth Tshisikule, Independent Music Exporters South Africa / IMEXSA

Speed meeting, it's a good tool, it increases the opportunities for emerging companies who find it difficult to book meetings. Our networking event was fruitful for our delegates as they managed to meet different delegates from different countries and emerging companies managed to exchange their products with international companies.

Boris Löhe, President mufin GmbH

The changes taking place in the music business are very evident at Popkomm. It shows that one must get the new players such as the providers of mobile phone services, tech companies and streaming services etc. on board in order to jointly create successful business models. As an exhibitor in the technology sector we believe that the future of the music market lies in the homogenous networking of content, technology and innovations.

Holger G. Weiss, Aupeo!

Popkomm 2011 showed that Berlin occupies a central position in the music field: for us as an internet company the Media_Gate in particular had a vital role to play. The papers and discussions taking place here provided a clear picture of the challenges and opportunities presented by the changing music industry. To sum up: the technical possibilities now available to us are opening up new dimensions for music, along with new opportunities and new sources of income.

Reimut van Bonn – Press Spokesman for VUT

Once again VUT is delighted to be represented here with its combined stand at the centre of Popkomm. The approach that our members have adopted in their work has enhanced the image of Popkomm and has shown a way forward that will gain increasing importance in the future. In addition to our combined stand we are also delighted with the presentation of the results of the study entitled “Creative people require technology – Stress test for music platforms”. Prof. Matthias Gülzow  from MHMK, Macromedia College for Media and Communication, presented the important findings, that artists will not be able to dispense with the traditional channels in their efforts to achieve success in the world of music.

Popkomm - platform for the music industry

Popkomm is an internationally established meeting place for the music and entertainment industries. It is synonymous with trends and innovations and in Germany it is the recognized B2B market place for the music industry. With an international conference with prominent participants, covering subject matter of essential importance to the music industry, together with the Popkomm Showcases, Popkomm is the ideal platform for trends and talent. It provides a vibrant and creative environment for  dynamic music companies from all over the world. Popkomm is a meeting place for music-lovers and music experts, who are helping to determine the future shape of the industry, and who want to familiarize themselves with the music industry and its main players, as well as experience the music scene and its current developments at first hand. Popkomm will be taking place for the ninth time from 5 to 7 September 2012 at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport. It is organized by Messe Berlin.