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Press Release

June 20, 2014

Stage Set Scenery: New trade show for theatre, media and event technology at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds

Launch event 9 - 11 June 2015

Berlin, 20 June 2013 – The international trade show for theatre and event technology “Stage Set Scenery – World of Entertainment Technology” will be held at the Berlin exhibition grounds for the first time between 9 and 11 June 2015. With this new show for theatre planning, stage, light, audio, video and media engineering as well as make-up and costume design, Messe Berlin will be extending its ‘own event’ portfolio.

The concept framework is to be extended by acoustics, studio, presentation and museum technology sections. “Stage Set Scenery” will also focus more strongly on the industry’s international markets of the future. By introducing this trade show, Messe Berlin is keeping in line with market developments and meeting the sector’s demand for an internationally sustainable trade fair concept with growth potential.

Messe Berlin’s partner in organising the trade show is the German Theatre Technical Society (Deutsche Theatertechnische Gesellschaft - DTHG). Founded in 1907, DTHG is one of Germany’s oldest professional associations. Its main tasks include bringing together theatre planners and technical and artistic specialists from the world of theatre as users, as well as formulating requirements on training and providing advice in various legal issues.

DTHG’s main field of responsibility is the “International Stage Technology Congress”, which forms the integrative element of the new “Stage Set Scenery” trade show, scheduled to be held at two-year intervals.

Further information will be announced at a DTHG company symposium to be held on 28 August 2013 in the Palais am Funkturm.

Some comments on Stage Set Scenery:

Dr. Christian Göke, COO Messe Berlin GmbH:

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to organise the new trade show Stage-Set-Scenery in cooperation with the industry association DTHG. Berlin’s global appeal as an events venue and Messe Berlin’s expertise will serve to ensure Stage-Set-Scenery’s successful market debut.”

Karl-Heinz Mittelstädt, Board chairman of DTHG:

“DTHG seeks to integrate all major topics relating to the industry into the new trade fair “Stage Set Scenery” and will use the accompanying congress to establish this leading event in the German capital as an international meeting place for market stakeholders. Our partnership with Messe Berlin is fundamental to achieving this goal and will guarantee the show’s success.”

Ties-Christian Gerdes, CEO Sennheiser Vertrieb und Service GmbH:

“We are happy about the confidence placed in our company to stage the new event “Stage Set Scenery” together with the professional association, DTHG. Berlin as centre of the media industry and Messe Berlin as an internationally active company will guarantee successful internationalisation of this leading event in the field of theatre and event technology.“

Andreas Gause, Sales and Marketing Manager, Gerriets GmbH:

“It is unfortunate that there may possibly be two theatre-technology trade shows in Berlin in 2015. Having been a member of DTHG for many years, we shall of course be participating in "Stage Set Scenery" and are sure that this exhibition will become firmly established in the long run, because DTHG does an excellent job representing the industry’s interests and is continuing its cooperation with Messe Berlin. The result is a trade show in well-established surroundings but with a new name and an improved general concept."

Arved Hammerstädt, CEO cast C.ADOLPH & RST Distribution GmbH:

“We are looking forward to “Stage Set Scenery”. This international event is the logical further development of the theatre technology trade fair at Berlin’s trade show venue.“

Volker Kirsch, Sales Manager, Bosch Rexroth GmbH:

“Entertainment Technology is still a somewhat abstract expression, but it does describe the future aims of the DTHG and its members, particularly of the member companies, quite aptly: Firstly, to widen the content base while maintaining a major technical focus; secondly, internationalisation by integrating all relevant stakeholders from around the world, and thirdly, to enhance the stage-technology trade congress by focussing on technical topics and innovation.”

Sanela Iseken, Sales Manager ASM Steuerungstechnik GmbH:

“Back to the roots, ASM, like the DTHG, is looking forward to the new ‘Stage Set Scenery’ show in 2015 at the traditional Berlin Exhibition Grounds venue below the ‘Funkturm’.”

Martin Högg, Director HOAC Schweisstechnik GmbH:

“Reorienting the show by merging it with a high-profile congress programme is the logical step towards maintaining the show's significance in the future and opening it to other sectors. As DTHG members, we are fully in favour of this move and are looking forward to 'Stage Set Scenery 2015’ .“

Matthias Fehr, President of APWPT:

"A theatre-technology trade fair in Berlin is one of the main information-sharing events of our association's activities. At this fair, we shall be seeking a lively exchange of information with users of wireless production tools, the transmission frequencies of which we are lobbying for internationally. We are looking forward to 'Stage Set Scenery 2015' and wish to thank the DTHG and the many 'back-stage’ workers for their efforts."

Stephan Hückinghaus, Co-Managing Director of Fülling & Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH:

“I consider it to be logical that such an active professional association should take the visionary step of extending its ever-increasing activities to organising a new, internationally-oriented trade show for the entertainment world. With Messe Berlin, which has cooperated successfully with DTHG in the past, it did not have to look far to find a competent partner. This is not just a coincidence – it is the result of a lot of hard and systematic work. Our thanks go to all those involved. Keep up the good work!”

Matthias Moeller, Technical Director Prolyte Productions GmbH:

“It is high time that we had a new trade show for theatre and event technology. “Stage Set Scenery” offers us the opportunity to break new ground and introduce a wind of change. We are very much looking forward to this new event at one of Europe’s best trade show locations.“

Harald Prieß, Project Manager Europäische Medien- und Eventakademie (European Media and Event Academy):

“In view of the rapid advances in theatre and event technology in recent years, a re-launch of the sector’s major exhibition was urgently needed. Its strong international focus will definitely turn ‘Stage Set Scenery' into a global centre for exchanging experiences, making it a focal point for further training in event management and related sectors.“